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Ok, so I got the catheterization done, and they’re giving me some medicine for the pulmonary hypertension.  And also I have to wear oxygen whenever I’m at home to improve my blood oxygen level or something.

Fine lol.

So on Monday I stayed up all night like I said I would.  It was epic, cause I stayed up with my online friendies and we had so much fun lol.

So we left at around four in the morning and I go to sleep in the car basically.  I had a hard time going to sleep because I was so nervous.
And we’re out on the road and my grandfather is trying to catch up to us because he was going to follow us.  All the sudden he SPEEDS past us (he was doing 85 lol.  We thought he had gotten pulled over xD) and we’re all “…I think we should probably let him know lol.”  So that was funny.  We were calling him Mario Andretti xD.
And also I woke up one time and I look out the window and I see the frickin Gold’s Pretzel logo against a white background and I’m like “…whut?”.  But it was a truck that had passed us lol.  And the thing that made me all “..whut?” was that there was nothing but the logo and the white xD.

So we get to the hospital and I have the catheterization and everything.  I got a cheerleader bear from the nurse 8D.  And also my mom bought me a cat charm and my mom’s friend (who also came, though she wasn’t following us lol.) bought me an iguana pen, both from the gift shop 83.

So we stayed Tuesday and part of Wednesday.  They discharged me around 2pm or 3pm or 4pm on Wednesday.

And yeah that’s about it lol.



{January 26, 2010}   Updates plox.

So it looks like I’m gonna get the catheterization done next Tuesday. I’m not looking forward to it BUT IT’S NOT AS BAD AS HEART SURGERY.

So I got asked what a catheterization was, and it’s basically where they like stick a tube up my leg to my lungs (they’re looking at the lungs, not the heart) and look around in there. More info here.

It looks like I’m gonna have to go in at like 6:30 in the morning. And since it’s a two hour drive to the hospital, I’m gonna have to leave at four. And I’ll have to get up at 3. And since I normally fall asleep around two, I’m only gonna get an hour of sleep xD. SO I RESOLVED THAT I PROBABLY WON’T EVEN GO TO SLEEP THAT NIGHT |D.

So yeah.

{January 22, 2010}   Don’t feed the oh noes.

So yesterday I go to the doctor.  My mom brings up my purple fingernails because my friend says we gotta go check it out so we did after over a month.  And they find out I have low oxygen in blood.


So then they like take my hemoglobin levels (prick in the finger, which really ain’t as bad as people say xP).  They say it’s high because my blood is like compensating for low oxygen or something.

kay then.

So they tell me to go to a cardiologist.  And I do so.  And they do a whole bunch of tests and stuff.   And they find out I have problems: Ventricular Septal Defect and Pulmonary Hypertension


So apparently I need something called a catheterization or something to see the level of pulmonary hypertension or something.


So then my regular doctor calls a few minutes ago and tells me to forget the catheterization and they just need to do heart surgery to stop up the hole in the septum.


So yeah.  I’ll keep you guys updated.

And if you guys have questions I’ll answer them the best I can.


{December 29, 2009}   Homg My Dashboard is Snowing

It really is xD.  Or at least certain parts of it do anyway lol.

So Christmas was great.  I got a lot of cool stuff 83.  And I spent it with the family I love ^^.

And I’m sorry I got this out so late lol.  I was lazyyy.

So yeah, I got up at about 10:30 and had breakfast (coffee cake 83).  Soon after that me and my mom and my dad opened our gifts from each other.  And then we went to our grandparents house and we opened up gifts from my grandparents and my uncle and cousin, who were also there.  Me and my cousin also played too ^^.

So all day long I was working on a drawing, but took like an eight hour break when my cousin came.  So yeah.

And we had dinner, and it was really good 83.  NO PIE THOUGH.  THEY FORGOT TO SERVE THE PIE LOLOL.  Or something lol.  I dunno what happened with the pie xD.

So tommorow I’m going to the movies to see ‘Shorts’ with Heather.  It looks like a good movie ^^.

And I hope that I’ll have a good New Years Eve.  Last year we got invited to a party at my neighbors at like 9:00 that night or something lolz.  It was so much fun.  Somebody called the cops on us because ‘we were lighting off the fireworks too early’ xP.  But me and my friend lit sparklers and we like threw them into the street lol.  It was fun.  So maybe something like that will happen this year, because we haven’t been invited to a party xD.

So yeah, I hope you guys had a good Christmas and I hope that you have a good New Years ^^.



PS:  I found the underline button and I was looking for it last post DX.  WHY MUST YOU HIDE IT WORDPRESS.  WHYYYY.

And also it’s hidden under a button called ‘Show/Hide Kitchen Sink’.  I lol’d.  I FORGIVE YOU NOW WORDPRESS.  YOU MADE ME LOL.


Oh and also, Bodie showed me this video and it’s hillarious.  GO WATCH IT NOW.

And I just realized that I have more friends on Youtube than I do subscribers.  What the heck.

{December 17, 2009}   Fgsfds Disney and stuff.

So I went to MGM (Hollywood Studios, whatever) today.  And I hadn’t gotten any sleep the night before (ok, two hours, if that.) because I wasn’t feeling well xP.  And I still wasn’t feeling well when I was there.  But it was pretty awesome anyways.

So I went with my friend Heather (Online nickname, not real name lolz.  I have no idea why I felt like I needed to clear that up.) and we had lots of fun, even though I didn’t really feel too great (no school FTW).

She went on everything lolz.  I think this was literally everything too xD.  Me, I went on all but three things lolz.  Oh wait… there was one thing we didn’t do.  Oh well lolz.

So I didn’t go on the Tower of Terror, the Rockin Roller Coaster, or the Toy Story thing xP.  The Tower of Terror is really high AND THE FALLING AND THE FALLING AND THE SCREAMING AND THE FALLING (I had to put that XD.  Dun ask lol).  And the Rockin Roller Coaster goes upside down and I do not want D:  And the Toy Story thing had like a 60 minute wait, which I also do not want xP.  AND HEATHER IF YOU COMMENT TELLING ME I’M A CHICKEN I’MA HIT YOU IN THE HEAD WITH A RUBBER CHICKEN HURR.  j/k lolz.

But omg, the things I did were awesome.  The stunt things were, like, amazing.  And also the Star Wars thing was pretty awesome too.  It was like a roller coaster, but it wasn’t, so it didn’t mess with my stomach (which is the last thing I need lol).  And also the movie ride thing was cool.  We got carjacked xD.  Omg it was kinda awesome.  So yeah basically everything I did was awesome lol.  EVEN THOUGH I WAS KINDA INCAPABLE OF SHOWING IT AT THE TIME BECAUSE I FELT KINDA CRAPPY XP.

I was on a quest for a Stitch backpack thing but they only have it at Downtown Disney D8 (well, maybe not only there, but definitely not at MGM xP).  She got an Angel plushie.  I think mine is more awesome 8D.  j/k xD.  And, omg, I saw the cutest Stitch plushie there. He was in a cupcake and the cupcake said “Happy Birthday” on it xD.  AND I GOT A STICKER WITH STITCH ON IT THAT I PULLED OFF OF A TABLE.  CAUSE I’M AWESOME LIKE THAT.

So, yeah, there’s a lock-in tomorrow night for my youth group and I really hope I can go because lock-ins are awesome.  And I’ve been looking forward to this since the beginning of the month lol.  EVEN THOUGH I’M PROBABLY GONNA FEEL THE SAME WAY I DID TODAY ON SATURDAY XP.  Oh well the fun is worth it lol.  So I’m hoping I’ll feel much better tomorrow.


Oh and also I’m going to use this blog more frequently as like a journal or something maybe?  I dunno.




Nope, not going to the lock-in tonight D:  I feel much better than I did yesterday, but I wouldn’t survive xD…  I was really looking forward to it too ;.;

{November 26, 2009}   Happeh Thanksgivin!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

What is everyone thankful for?
I’m thankful for all the good things that have happened in my life ^^

Oh, and also…

So yeah today my grandparents and possibly my uncle are coming over.  I’m also in the middle of making gelatin xD.  Unmade gelatin tastes bad D: Which kinda stinks because I like to eat some of what I make xD…  Oh and some family from Michigan is coming on Saturday.  They couldn’t make it for Thanksgiving because the air fares were too high xP.  And my friend is trying to steal my online stuffings D: XD.

I is happeh bird.

And yes I know that that I posted this on dA too.  I’m too lazy to come up with something new XD

Bai.  You can has good day ^^

{November 21, 2009}   Haha, oops.

So yeah, I forgot about this site ^^;

That’s why you have no posts for me for almost a year.

I’ll try to post more often.

{December 5, 2008}   Litterbugs

There’s this enclosure next to a Wendy’s by my house.  It has nothing in it, just a whole bunch of grass that’s fenced off for no apparent reason.

But everyone uses it for a purpose, and a lousy one at that.

In it isn’t just grass, but trash galore.  Everything from cups to napkins.

I mean, it isn’t really that much trash, but it’s enough to sicken me.  I mean, there’s a trash can right inside the door to the Wendy’s, which is facing the enclosure!  Just freakin walk inside and place your cup in the trash can.

But, alas, people are too lazy to do that.  They just wanna do no work whatsoever, and since it inconveniences them to just take the minute to go inside and throw their trash away, they’ll just simply throw it in the enclosure and be done with it.

I don’t just see it in the enclosure.  Theres a patch of land in a road in my subdivision that’s in the same condition.  People just drive by there and dump their trash on that patch of land.  Put your trash in the car or wait until you get home!

I believe that’s all for now.  God bless you all.

{November 28, 2008}   I’m sick of Christmas….

Tis true xP

First of all, let’s clear something up.  I know some of you probably think I’m being Scrooge and just don’t want Christmas to come.  I love Christmas, though.  It’s a wonderful holiday, as Christ was born on that day ^^

I’m not sick of the holiday.  I’m sick of all of the advertising BEFORE DECEMBER.

I’m sick of:

  1. Real Christmas tree sale tents up
  2. Salvation Army people ringing their bells earlier this month
  3. Christmas music playing in stores
  4. Christmas decorations up
  5. Most of all, Christmas stuff for sale IN SEPTEMBER

Geez people, can’t you wait till December till you do all them stuff?  Can’t you at least wait until Halloween and Thanksgiving are over?  Cause it’s kinda sad that I’m sick of all this advertising before December even arives.

{November 24, 2008}   Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the time of year to eat lots of food, but also to give thanks to everything we are thankful for.  I have several things to discuss in this post.

First off, what’s your favorite Thanksgiving food(s)?  Mine are:

  • Turkey (dark meat of course)
  • Green Bean Casserole
  • Stuffing
  • Mashed Potatoes

Second, what are you thankful for? I am thankful for:

  • My family
  • My friends
  • The roof over my head
  • The clothes on my back
  • The food that I eat
  • The water that I drink
  • God and Jesus

Finally, do you have any plans for the holiday?  If you do, what are they?

My cousins are coming down from Michigan (they’re arriving tonight ^^).  They’ll stay till Friday morning.  My mom and dad, my cousins, and I are going out to dinner tommorow.  On Thursday there will be a family get-together, with my mom and dad, my cousins, my grandparents, possibly my uncle, and I.  It’ll be fun ^^

I hope everyone reading this has a great Thanksgiving.  God bless you all.

et cetera